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[BLOG] How has City Year UK supported my development?: Shayna Mehta

City Year UK aims to support and encourage pupils from disadvantaged communities to succeed in school. However, not only do they help the children, they also guide us volunteer mentors.… Read more ›

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How Independent School Alumni Continue “Giving Back”, Even Long After Leaving Education

Pressure has been mounting on independent schools over the last few years to support the state sector more, and partnerships between the two are at a high. Many fee-paying schools have introduced initiatives to support local state schools and / or include more bright children whose parents cannot afford their fees.… Read more ›

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Putting the spark into mentoring: Bridge Builder Award 2017

City Year UK’s ‘Bridge Builder Award’ recognises supporters who have offered their spare time to mentor the charity’s young volunteers, helping to prepare them for the next step—whether that is staying in education or finding a career. The support includes mock interviews, CV workshops and assistance in deciding on their next steps. We are pleased to share the Bridge Builder Award winners for London, West Midlands and Greater Manchester.… Read more ›
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