Our partners

Below are a selection of our strategic partners; organisations with shared aims and values that help us to deliver the best experience for our volunteer mentors and the pupils they support. If you are interested in developing a partnership with City Year UK, please contact Jessica Rexworthy, Strategic Partnerships Manager, at jrexworthy@cityyear.org.uk


Aston University

We have worked with City Year UK for a long time now. Our partnership focuses on enhancing students’ practical learning through the placement year and also graduate opportunities. It provides Aston students and graduates with the opportunity to contribute to the community and support those who need it the most by raising aspirations and being positive role models in local schools.

Both Aston University and City Year are committed to widening participation to Higher Education across all local communities in West Midlands and beyond.

"Aston University’s mission is make a difference and to change the lives of our students from wherever they come from and make them more employable.  I think City Year seems to achieve the same.  So that’s why our partnership is so important." Professor Helen E Higson OBE DL, Provost and Deputy Vice Chancellor, 50th Anniversary Professor of Higher Education Learning and Management

Explore Learning

We first came across City Year UK at a University Careers fair, and we absolutely love the work they do with young people across the country. As a company whose aim is to have a positive impact on children’s education, we felt at Explore Learning that our visions and values aligned really well to City Year. We have met some of the ambitious and passionate volunteers from City Year, and the knowledge and skill they possess and develop at their time at City Year mirror the core competencies we look for in our own fantastic staff.

"City Year UK and Explore Learning share the same overall vision of creating children who are inspired to believe in themselves and to develop into fearless learners. This is accomplished with the help of truly inspiring people who are able to make the difference to children of all backgrounds and abilities. City Year and Explore Learning allow great people to create great people, inspiring future generations". Robert Hicks, MD, Explore Learning

Restless Development

We work with City Year UK to recruit young people to our campaigns and ICS programme, helping them to take the next step in their careers. By attending City Year events and providing online content to be shared with volunteers, we can attract fantastic new volunteers to our agency. Our returned ICS volunteers love speaking to City Year volunteers and sharing their experiences with them.

We also partner with City Year UK to share their opportunities to our network of alumni volunteers, to make sure as many young people as possible are aware of the organisation and how they can get involved.

“City Year UK is a fantastic partner for us, with a pool of excellent volunteers who have wonderful experience that they can bring to our ICS placements. We look forward to continuing to work together into the future and offering the best opportunities possible to the young people involved.” Keith Short, Head of Restless Development UK

Teach First

We are at the start of our partnership with City Year UK and excited about the prospect of working together this coming recruitment year at universities across the country. We are united by a similar mission and vision – to recruit talented young people who can help end educational inequality. To enable us to make the greatest impact, we will work together with City Year to promote our respective opportunities.  Through these opportunities, university students will be able to gain exposure to the classroom and develop skills which can be applied on our Leadership Development Programme, or with City Year.

"City Year UK are a fantastic organisation, sharing many synergies with Teach First in both our work and values. We are committed to our work together on campus to inspire students to join our organisations and help us end educational inequity in the UK". James Westhead, Executive Director - Teach First

The Challenge

City Year UK and The Challenge are both members of Generation Change and committed to helping young people take part in social action in their own communities. We are working to support recruitment and progression of volunteers for City Year and Leaders to work on National Citizen Service across London, the West Midlands, and Greater Manchester.


Unlocked Graduates

Unlocked Graduates is aiming to change the way we develop society’s future leaders, as well as how we think about prisons and prisoners by focusing on rehabilitation, and addressing the terrible damage and cost of reoffending.

Unlocked is a two-year leadership development programme aimed at training graduates to become inspirational and supportive leaders. Serving as a prison officer, you’ll build these skills through a bespoke training programme, alongside working with prisoners to identify and implement actions and strategies that will help them break the cycle of reoffending.

We are working with City Year to inspire a generation of future leaders. The skills that volunteer mentors gain in schools are hugely transferable to working as a frontline prison officer and, by applying to Unlocked, they will have the opportunity to further explore their leadership potential whilst making a lasting impact to individuals and society.

“Education can change people’s lives. Over 40% of prisoners in the UK were permanently expelled from school so did not benefit from good teachers. City Year volunteer mentors are already improving life-chances in schools and I hope that some will consider bringing their experience in education to the frontline of prisons in years to come. They can help to reduce rates of reoffending whilst developing their own potential as future leaders.” Natasha Porter, Chief Executive, Unlocked Graduates

One Million Mentors

One Million Mentors partnered with City Year to bring together our trained mentors with the young people working with City Year UK who understand the importance of strong role models and the value of high quality mentoring.  The mentoring needs of City Year fits exactly with our aim to mobilise professionals and train them to become effective mentors, who then help maximise young people’s talent and support them into careers that are in line with their skill set.

"One Million Mentors is delighted to be partnering with City Year by providing high quality mentors to support and guide their volunteers to achieve their leadership potential." Alveena Malik, Co-founder and Director