10 Years of Volunteers

1,169 volunteer mentors have undertaken a year of full time youth social action with City Year UK, collectively giving 1,917,160 hours to combat educational inequality in London, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands.

What makes our volunteer mentors extraordinary is their ambition to improve the lives of children, a willingness to stand up as a role model, the desire to keep learning themselves and the determination and resilience to see the year through. As role models, City Year UK’s volunteer mentors become someone pupils look up to. The specialist training and coaching offered by City Year UK empowers young people, enabling them to develop the skills and attributes required for their future career and life.

“The culture and values here help me grow as a person everyday alongside my team. There’s so much inspiration and excitement here, every day brings something new. City Year has boosted my confidence and delivery so much, I welcome the situations I used to fear!” Mojib Ali, City Year Greater Manchester 2018-19

“City Year truly has been one of the best experiences in my life and now holds its own spot in my heart forever. It has enhanced me both professionally and personally. I have realised my full potential and applied for jobs I never would have felt good enough for in the past and it’s all down to my year of service. I truly got more than bargained for. Just one year has changed the rest of my years completely.” Christina Smith, City Year West Midlands 2016-17

“City Year UK was simply the best experience of my life. It gave me the confidence I needed after sixth form, as well as introducing me to people from a wide range of backgrounds so very different to my own… I am now far more outgoing and proactive” Thamasha Perera, City Year London 2011-12