Meet our partner schools

We have been partnering with primary and secondary schools in London since 2010, in West Midlands since 2013 and in Greater Manchester since 2015.

Below is a list of our current schools. Find out what they have to say about us by clicking on each school.


Barking Abbey School, Barking & Dagenham

"Our City Year team have made an instant, positive impact at Barking Abbey so we have been extremely pleased with the partnership so far. The team have worked really hard, integrated with Barking Abbey students and staff as well as offering useful, fresh perspectives for the school to reflect on. Staff already feel they are part of Barking Abbey which demonstrates the impact they have made".

Jo Tupman, Headteacher, Barking Abbey School, London

Daubeney Primary School, Hackney

"It is a privilege to work alongside such motivated, selfless, dedicated and inspiring young people! They support our students in a variety of ways throughout the school day e.g. breakfast clubs, lessons, play times, lunchtimes, at after-school clubs, on educational trips and add immense value to our school. Their impact has been very positive in terms how they have enabled students to meet their academic targets and/or personalised SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) targets. Viva City Year!"

Gregory Logan, Assistant Head Teacher, Daubeney Primary School, Hackney

Morningside Primary School, Hackney

"I am delighted that Morningside is working with City Year. The children benefit greatly from the support that the volunteer mentors give to them. They are excellent role models. We have seen a steady improvement in attitudes to learning and resilience amongst the children who have been working with City Year and this has a positive impact on attainment and progress."

Janet Taylor, Head Teacher, Morningside Primary School, London

Parliament Hill Girls School, Camden

We have partnered with Parliament Hill Girls School since September 2017.

Prendergast School, Lewisham

We have partnered with Prendergast School since September 2017.

Prendergast Ladywell School, Lewisham

We have partnered with Prendergast Ladywell School since September 2017.

Prendergast Vale School, Lewisham

We have partnered with Prendergast Vale School since September 2017.

Sebright Primary School, Hackney

“Sebright Primary School have recognised the importance of young adults being role models for our pupils. This is why we have partnered with City Year UK since the start and will continue to do so. We applaud the City Year volunteers for giving a year of their time to support our pupils.”

James Green, Deputy Head, Sebright Primary School, London

Shoreditch Park Primary School, Hackney

“Year after year, City Year London volunteers make an invaluable contribution, with their energy, drive and commitment felt across the entire school. They start the day with the children in breakfast club, followed by fun exercises in the playground to get them ‘fired up’ and ready to learn. Once the school day starts, the volunteers can be found supporting children in class, running games at playtime, developing sports and tutoring children. They act as a brilliant bridge between teachers and children, as children respond well to their unique role as mentors.”

Penny Smith, Head Teacher, Shoreditch Park Primary School

William Ellis Boys School, Camden

“William Ellis is now into its fourth year of partnership with City Year and everyone wants to know the impact.  What I can say is that over that time things have really changed at this school.  We used to have one of the lowest attendances of any secondary school in Camden, now we are one of the highest. We have transformed the behaviour record and the achievement gap - the difference between how those from low income backgrounds and their better off peers perform - has shrunk from 30 per cent to nothing. City Year has had a fantastic part to play in that.

“The volunteers make so many contributions. They are positive role models, committed to change, who really want to make a difference in-school.  They meet and greet pupils every morning at the school gate, they are out in the playground in all weathers running activities, they organise breakfast club, provide mentoring and offer one-to-one classroom support and they help take kids out on trips which couldn’t happen otherwise. They have helped us to make William Ellis’ transformation possible.”

Sam White, Headteacher, William Ellis, London


Bristnall Hall Academy, Sandwell

Bristnall Hall Academy, Sandwell

“We decided to partner with City Year UK as we wanted our students to be have positive role models, supporting them both academically and pastorally.  City Year UK has made a significant impact to the ethos of the school.  Volunteers support enrichment activities and are around before school, during break and lunch times.  Students have enjoyed the 1 to 1 support that the City Year team have given to them.  

“We would recommend City Year UK to other schools as it is a fantastic initiative, whereby the school and charity work closely together to ultimately make a difference to the education of our students.  We are firm believers in the fact that children only have one chance in education so we have a duty to make sure their experience is fantastic”.

Philippa Harris, Vice Principal, Bristnall Hall Academy

Q3 Academy, Sandwell

"We decided to partner with City Year UK after hearing about the story at a Local Authority Heads’ Meeting. I quickly arranged a meeting with Gordon Higginson who took me through the stages of application and to assess our suitability. He also suggested visiting other schools who were partners.

"I was fortunate enough to visit Compass School in Bermondsey and was impressed with the impact made there, however it stirred our imagination in terms of how we envisaged CY working at Q3 Langley. The impact has been mind-blowing! The team really have been part of the family already and we couldn’t do without them. As a brand new school they have not only offered extra capacity and resources to support our students but helped make significant impact on students’ progress inside and outside of lessons. The team have mentored a significant number of children and driven our attendance figures up this academic year. They have also run sessions as part of our unique PE and Enrichment sessions to the Year 7 cohort. I would wholeheartedly recommend CY to any other UK school – we have been so impressed with the team and what they bring each and every day to the lives of the students at Q3 Langley. Long may it continue!"

Peter Lee, Head of School, Q3 Academy Langley

Yardley Primary School, Birmingham

“City Year have played an integral part in the social, emotional and academic progress of our pupils and the corps members have also grown and developed exponentially during the time they have served.”

“From a school perspective, City Year have provided a completely unique and invaluable input for our pupils, their parents and the community at large. The volunteers have provided and personally tailored; social support packages, recreational opportunities and, in collaboration with teaching staff, academic interventions for many of our less fortunate and socially deprived pupils. This in itself would be exceptional but they have also been able to involve the families and community in some of these activities.

“During the academic year Yardley received two separate external reviews. Both of these reviews made reference to the incredible work by the City Year volunteers. A number of parents and members of the community have also praised the superb work that they have done.

“Prior to City Year starting their work with Yardley, I felt very strongly that they would provide an irreplaceable benefit for the pupils of our school and also for potentially vulnerable school leavers. I now have very clear evidence that this is absolutely the case.”

Gaynor Moore, Headteacher, Yardley Primary School, Birmingham

Hall Green Secondary School, Birmingham

We have partnered with Hall Green Secondary School since September 2017.

Holte & Lozells Schools, Birmingham

"We partnered with City Year UK as a forward thinking, innovative school that likes to push the boundaries and try new things. City Year was new to this country at the time and we could see the potential benefits but as one of the first schools nationally to have a City Year team we weren't quite sure how it would turn out.

"Five years down the line we have our fifth City Year team in place and we couldn't be happier with how it has panned out. The impact on literally hundreds of our pupils has been massive - whether that be in their attendance, behaviour, academic progress or general outlook. The case studies and real life examples of improvement are there for all to see. I would heartily recommend City Year to any other secondary school. You will be presented with a team of keen, young and eager to learn people who want to make a difference. They will bring a different kind of input to your school being 'near-peers' but we have found that has dovetailed beautifully with our established pastoral systems and strategies. The teams we have had have represented excellent value for money and I would have no hesitation in suggesting a City Year team would make a fantastic addition to any pastoral team.

"We recently had last year's team come back to pay us a visit and their mentees from last year were absolutely overjoyed to see them again. The effective bonds they had formed had allowed them to channel a group of young people in the right direction and those bonds were clearly still there 6 months later".

Andy Oliver, Deputy Headteacher, Holte School

Marlborough Junior School, Birmingham

We have partnered with Marlborough Junior School since September 2015.


Ormiston Forge Academy, Sandwell

We have partnered with Ormiston Forge Academy since September 2016.



Baguley Hall Primary School, Manchester

“Our City Year team have been an amazing addition to our whole staff team. Their enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism is outstanding and their impact far reaching. A fantastic group of young people.”

Kate Bulman, Headteacher, Baguley Hall Primary School

Mossfield Primary School, Salford

''City Year have been at Mossfield for the past term and I am delighted about the impact that they have had during their time here. City Year organise a variety extra-curricular activities for students and provide one to one tutoring for our Year 6's as well supporting all of our child in class and throughout the school day. They have had a really positive impact on the school and have helped to create an even happier and more harmonious environment here.''

Dave Magee, Headteacher, Mossfield Primary School

Park View Community Primary School, Manchester

We have partnered with Park View Community Primary School since September 2017.

Rose Bridge Academy, Wigan

“We were keen to be involved with City Year UK because despite the support our students get from our staff there never seems to be enough adults to mentor and support. We have an increasing number of looked after children, and we wanted to make sure that this vulnerable group of students all had access to high quality mentors.

"Even just the visibility of our voluntary mentors around school is having an impact. We love seeing the red jackets around. The volunteer mentors engage really well with our students in lessons, during mentoring and at other times eg breakfast club, break and lunch.

“I would absolutely recommend City Year to other schools”.

Debra Wood, Headteacher, Rose Bridge Academy

Stretford High School, Trafford

“The man power the City Year Team brought allowed us target vulnerable pupils who would have otherwise slipped through the net. We targeted pupils across all years - pupils who had already begun to display key vulnerabilities - below average progress, poor attendance, behaviour concerns. The fact that the team consisted of near peers who know what it is like to live their lives made it easier for our pupils to engage. They were living proof that it is ok to believe, it is ok to aspire and it is ok to choose a different path.  During one of my pupil voice interviews during the year, one of my pupils told me, in all sincerity, 'Miss, City Year has saved my life!'.

“I have seen the other side of City Year first hand and I know that as a program it helps the mentors as much as the mentees. Every one of our mentors has gone on to either further their education or gained employment due to the experience and skills they gained this year. It is now my vision to build future City Year teams by recruiting our past pupils. When this is securely in place, I know it will make a difference to the community as a whole, not just our school.

"The pupils they worked with dramatically improved behaviour, improved progress, attendance and punctuality. However, they didn't just impact on those pupils. They had an impact on the school. They were were walking talking role models of what success looks like. They gave our pupils self belief, they showed them how to aspire and they stood behind them when they said no. I know that our pupils will make better choices, will have a better future and be better people because of City Year.

“I know that may sound dramatic. However, we must never underestimate the power of seeing a child's potential and even more powerfully, seeing the child. City Year help us to say to our children: 'I see you, you are like me, I am like you, together we can be stronger'. This is a powerful message because, when it boils down to it, this is the message of the gangs and criminals who try to groom them. But we get there first. We unveil a different self, a true self. I need City Year to help us to continue with this mission.

“I fully support City Year and look forward to welcoming another team in September".

Nicola Doward, Headteacher, Stretford High School, Manchester