Meet our partner schools

We have been partnering with primary and secondary schools in London since 2010, in West Midlands since 2013 and in Greater Manchester since 2015.

Below is a list of our current schools. Find out what they have to say about us by clicking on each school.


All Saints Catholic School, Dagenham

We have partnered with All Saints Catholic School since September 2018.

City of London Islington Academy, Islington

We have partnered with City of London Islington Academy since September 2018.

Conisborough College, Lewisham

We have partnered with Conisborough College since September 2018.

Daubeney Primary School, Hackney

"It is a privilege to work alongside such motivated, selfless, dedicated and inspiring young people! They support our students in a variety of ways throughout the school day e.g. breakfast clubs, lessons, play times, lunchtimes, at after-school clubs, on educational trips and add immense value to our school. Their impact has been very positive in terms how they have enabled students to meet their academic targets and/or personalised SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) targets. Viva City Year!"

Gregory Logan, Assistant Head Teacher, Daubeney Primary School, Hackney

Hampstead School, Hampstead

We have partnered with Hampstead School since September 2018.

Lauriston Primary School, Hackney

Lauriston Primary School is one of our longest standing partners. We have partnered with them since September 2010.

Prendergast Vale School, Lewisham

We have partnered with Prendergast Vale School since September 2017.

Riverside School, Barking

We have partnered with Riverside School since September 2018.

Sebright Primary School, Hackney

“Sebright Primary School have recognised the importance of young adults being role models for our pupils. This is why we have partnered with City Year UK since the start and will continue to do so. We applaud the City Year volunteers for giving a year of their time to support our pupils.”

James Green, Deputy Head, Sebright Primary School, London


Hall Green Secondary School, Birmingham

We have partnered with Hall Green Secondary School since September 2017.

Holte School, Birmingham

"We partnered with City Year UK as a forward thinking, innovative school that likes to push the boundaries and try new things. City Year was new to this country at the time and we could see the potential benefits but as one of the first schools nationally to have a City Year team we weren't quite sure how it would turn out.

"Five years down the line we have our fifth City Year team in place and we couldn't be happier with how it has panned out. The impact on literally hundreds of our pupils has been massive - whether that be in their attendance, behaviour, academic progress or general outlook. The case studies and real life examples of improvement are there for all to see. I would heartily recommend City Year to any other secondary school. You will be presented with a team of keen, young and eager to learn people who want to make a difference. They will bring a different kind of input to your school being 'near-peers' but we have found that has dovetailed beautifully with our established pastoral systems and strategies. The teams we have had have represented excellent value for money and I would have no hesitation in suggesting a City Year team would make a fantastic addition to any pastoral team.

"We recently had last year's team come back to pay us a visit and their mentees from last year were absolutely overjoyed to see them again. The effective bonds they had formed had allowed them to channel a group of young people in the right direction and those bonds were clearly still there 6 months later".

Andy Oliver, Deputy Headteacher, Holte School

Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy, Walsall

We have partnered with Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy since September 2018.

Phoenix Collegiate, Sandwell

We have partnered with Phoenix Collegiate since September 2018.

Q3 Academy, Great Barr

We have partnered with Q3 Academy, Great Barr since September 2017.

Q3 Academy, Langley

We have partnered with Q3 Academy, Langley since September 2017.

Tile Cross Academy, Birmingham

We have partnered with Tile Cross Academy since September 2018.

Whitley Academy, Coventry

We have partnered with Whitley Academy since September 2018.


Baguley Hall Primary School, Manchester

“Our City Year team have been an amazing addition to our whole staff team. Their enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism is outstanding and their impact far reaching. A fantastic group of young people.”

Kate Bulman, Headteacher, Baguley Hall Primary School

Mossfield Primary School, Salford

''City Year have been at Mossfield for the past term and I am delighted about the impact that they have had during their time here. City Year organise a variety extra-curricular activities for students and provide one to one tutoring for our Year 6's as well supporting all of our child in class and throughout the school day. They have had a really positive impact on the school and have helped to create an even happier and more harmonious environment here.''

Dave Magee, Headteacher, Mossfield Primary School

Hazel Grove High School, Greater Manchester

We have partnered with Hazel Grove High School since September 2018.

The Co-operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent

We have partnered with The Co-operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent since September 2018.