Our vision is of a society where all children are inspired to believe in themselves and supported to excel by a generation of young people whose commitment to a year of voluntary service is universally respected.


Our mission is to empower young role models to help children from disadvantaged communities succeed in school.

  • We bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • We give our volunteers the training and personal development they need to become empowered and effective leaders.
  • We demonstrate the power of individual action to drive collective impact.
  • We create an opportunity for service to become integral in society as a catalyst to transform lives.


RESPONSIBILITY: we are the change we wish to see in society.

INCLUSION: we unite from all backgrounds to serve a cause greater than ourselves.

PROGRESSION: we are dedicated to the personal and professional development of all.

ACTION: we don’t just talk, we do. We are always ready.

EXCELLENCE: we strive for nothing less, no matter where we start.