[BLOG] MP support for full-time social action grows: Leo Watson

Parliament has been back in (almost) full swing since June’s General Election. Yes, there may be less business to get through owing to the fact the Conservative party is operating as a minority Government, but that hasn’t stopped City Year UK pushing forward the Full-Time Social Action Campaign.

Steve McCabe MP calls for more support for full-time volunteers in the House of Commons.

In just over a month, through a combination of school visits and meetings in Westminster, we have managed to secure four more MPs to support our campaign. Labour MPs Jess Phillips, Kate Green, Mike Kane and Steve McCabe MP have all pledged to help City Year UK secure a legal status for full-time volunteers. They have set about their work in earnest through asking the Government a series of questions designed to hold them to account regarding how they are supporting full-time volunteers.

Kate Green MP said: “I was delighted to visit Stretford High school to see the City Year UK volunteers in action. I was very impressed by the positive impact they make on students’ wellbeing and attainment. This imaginative project benefits schools, pupils and the volunteers themselves, and I hope many more schools will be able to take advantage of it. I will be asking government ministers what more they can do to support the programme.”

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP champions full-time social action in a debate on social mobility.

Familiar faces have also been having their voices heard too. Nick Thomas-Symonds MP, who visited partner school William Ellis last year, also spoke about the importance of full-time social action in helping improve social mobility in parliament just last week. Conservative MP Michael Tomlinson, who leads a parliamentary group focused on youth employment and visited partner school Morningside Primary earlier this year, is also working closely with City Year UK on what can be done to support full-time volunteers financially.

So while the General Election result has made things tough going for political parties and individuals in Westminster at the moment, political momentum is still building for City Year UK and the Full-Time Social Action Campaign.

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