Bridge builders nominated for special award

BB_2Each year our volunteers are matched with a mentor – or bridge builder – from one of our partner organisations. Our bridge builder programme gives volunteers the chance to interact with professionals, explore career development goals and plan for life after City Year

Bridge building is a powerful metaphor, and tool, for social change. Seeing and making connections – whether among people or ideas – is a hallmark of bridge builders, whose lives are rooted in values and who dedicate their time and energy to causes larger than themselves.

This year, for the first time, we asked volunteers in all three cities to submit a nomination for the ‘’best’ bridge builder award. The winners were then presented with their awards at the three graduation ceremonies.

Thank you to all of our amazing bridge builders, and particular congratulations to the winners of this year’s award:

  • Thomas Ward from State Street, who was bridge builder to London volunteer Nimisha Vara
  • Daniel Shawe from National Grid, who was bridge builder to Greater Manchester volunteer Laura Travis
  • Krissy Durbin from National Grid who was bridge builder to Birmingham volunteer Thameena Rahim.

Volunteer Laura Travis said:

“My bridge builder has helped me put my life into perspective. He has allowed me to break down my goals and find ways of achieving them. What I like most is that he is also a good listener for me to talk through my worries and it is great to get an opinion from someone who is removed from the situation. B grad

“He has also given me great life advice for the future on investing my money, helped me improve my CV, given me awesome tips on baking and an insight into what it is like to work in his industry. Overall he has been a happy, welcoming mentor who has made me feel as ease with my future.”

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