City Year UK responds to the Government’s comprehensive spending review

Today the Chancellor George Osborne announced the details of the comprehensive spending review to Parliament. This lays out the Government’s spending plans for the next five years.
The key issues affecting City Year UK are:
  • National Citizen Service places will be expanded to 300,000, at an estimated annual cost of roughly £1 billion.
  • 26% cuts to the Cabinet Office. This is concerning as this department houses The Office for Civil Society, which is responsible for funding youth social action. If cuts across the department are applied equally, budget reductions for Office for Civil Society could equate to as much as £14 million by 2020.
  • No announcement regarding additional youth social action spending (which could be used to support City Year UK), contrary to our expectations.
Commenting on the Chancellor’s announcements Sophie Livingstone, Chief Executive of City Year UK and Co-Chair of Generation Change, said:

“The Chancellor’s commitment to extra funding for National Citizen Service (NCS) makes a clear statement about the value of youth social action at a time of cuts to other services.

“However, the Government must now explain how this investment will sit alongside severe budget reductions at the Office for Civil Society, and no announcement on funding for the wider youth social action sector. The impact of NCS will be severely limited if there is no support to get more structured volunteering opportunities that young people can move onto after the 6 week NCS programme, such as City Year UK’s ‘year of service’ model.

“We urge the government to make clear how it will meet its manifesto commitment to get an additional 1.5 million young people involved in social action by 2020.”
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