10 Years of Supporters

We’re thrilled to have four founding partners who have supported City Year UK since our founding in 2010.

Credit Suisse EMEA Foundation was City Year UK’s first corporate partner when the charity was established in 2009. They supported the start-up and launch of the charity in London and then in 2012 became the first National Strategic Partner of CYUK. In 2015 Credit Suisse became our largest supporter, as our ‘Pioneer Growth Partner’, pledging £1.25m over five years to help us expand the programme in London and roll it out across other cities in the UK. City Year UK is deeply grateful to everyone at Credit Suisse for investing in our mission and impact.


 Bank of America supports City Year internationally, across the US, South Africa, and the UK, where it has supported Team Pride since 2014. During this time, they have engaged City Year volunteers in numerous activities to support their personal and professional development, from mock interviews to bespoke training sessions. In addition to this engagement we are also very grateful to Bank of America for their investment into our strategic development which is incredibly valuable to the charity.


One of the founding supporters of City Year UK, TowerBrook has been the Team Partner for the Legacy Team serving in Sebright Primary School, London, since 2010, which is also our longest standing school partner. Their support and expertise has simultaneously developed City Year volunteers’ professional skills, and driven student success and has helped the charity to achieve strategic growth over the years. The continued belief and investment of TowerBrook in CYUK is highly valued by the charity.


National Grid has supported City Year UK since 2010 and has been a key part of CYUK’s story and impact. Whether through supporting a team of volunteers in Shoreditch Park School in London, running powerful development opportunities for volunteer mentors, or engaging over 30,000 students in science through their ‘School Power’ STEM programme, National Grid has been crucial to our success. This year our partnership has been solidified further through the selection of CYUK as National Grid’s Charity of the Year partner for 2019/20, where employees have committed to raise £150,000 for CYUK towards the recruitment of even more Volunteer Mentors who are passionate, dedicated and driven to make change.