10 Years of Alumni

We’re proud to have 1,043 City Year UK former volunteer mentors who make up our Alumni Network. Increasing young people’s employability is at the heart of City Year UK’s mission, and in our most recent all year Alumni Survey over 90% of respondents agreed that City Year UK helped prepare them for their career path. In addition, 93% said that their City Year UK experience had a significantly positive impact on their life, and 95% said City Year UK helped them to develop relationships and effectively work with people from different backgrounds than their own.

Hear from our alumni about how City Year UK shaped their lives and careers:

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without City Year. I would urge every young person who is idealistic and concerned about real social change to think about joining the movement. I learned so much during my time as a full-time volunteer; it really shaped me as a person and helped to get me into a career. I recently became a trustee for the charity, enabling me to ‘give back’ by contributing to a programme that I’ve benefited from and to a cause that I believe in.” Rodney Williams, City Year UK volunteer mentor 2010-2011 and a City Year UK Trustee


“I started my City Year not knowing how or when to handshake, how to introduce yourself to a working professional, or how to even be professional! Having to attend monthly meetings with my mentor who was a senior partner in a law firm taught me all the things listed above and more. I have become a lot more mature and compose myself a lot better since I was quite reserved, quiet and shy to begin with. I think the meetings had developed me into a hungry, ambitious individual who once used to use self-doubt as a self-defence mechanism. I’ve had an immense boost in confidence and positive views of the future that lies ahead.” Preeti Kaur, City Year UK volunteer mentor 2018-19


“I came out of my time at City Year with a new belief – working hard, trying to give your best each day and being consistent goes a long way. I’ve started work at 7.45am to make a breakfast meeting, finished as late as 10pm to finish a report, seen my mentees graduate programmes and receive awards, and had my own work nominated for a major charity sector award! The foundation to achieving all of these things stems from the sense of motivation and purpose I developed during my City Year.” Joey Carey, City Year UK volunteer mentor 2014-2015