Zoe Ann Yuill, Corporate Citizenship EMEA ,Credit Suisse

“Before moving to Credit Suisse I worked in education. During my teaching career I had two amazing mentors who really invested in my personal development. I felt that I would be able to use my experience from education and the corporate world to ‘give back’.

“My mentee makes it really easy for me to be a bridge builder to because she’s incredibly proactive and holds herself to account. We have a great relationship and our meetings are always fun!  Sometimes I take on a mentoring role; sometime more of a coaching role. We talk about various things; her family; her life as a corps member; her plans for after City Year. I really enjoy hearing about life in school and being able to give guidance about how she might want to handle certain scenarios. We also discuss various career paths and how she might position herself to get into these areas. I’ve definitely seen an increase in my mentee’s confidence when she talks about herself and her skills. Mentoring is something I would definitely like to continue in future.”