Shazia Shiekh, parent of corps member Fiza Shiekh, Manchester

“Fiza has been very happy with her year of service; it has brought out her passion to help people and through the support of her team and City Year, she has developed a sense of direction. She knows exactly what she wants to do with her life. I am very proud of my daughter’s achievements; she comes home bounding with enthusiasm. I have seen her grow in confidence and knowledge regarding the guidance and nurture of the youths of our future and I have one less thing to worry about now. Thank you so very much City Year.”

Sharon Henry, parent of corps member Cherelle Henry, Manchester

“I’m really glad that Cherelle is contributing to school students and the community. She’s really developed a lot, is much more responsible and I’ve seen her become more considerate. She’s been doing very good things and I have seen the confidence in her communication and manner in general.”

“The team have been such a blessing for Cherelle, they have been supportive of her in all areas. She enjoys the diversity of the team, and has been able to learn a lot more about life through values of others. The team leader sets high standards and leads the team well; she often comes home with stories of how he has helped her through a situation. He also gives her chances to lead and use initiative as well.”

Nicola Adams, parent of corps member Maddy Adams, Birmingham

“When Maddy started City Year she lacked confidence and direction. Since being at City Year Maddy’s confidence has blossomed as she has been presented with challenging situations which have made her realise that she is capable of anything.”

Parent of corps member Jazz Gray, London

“Jazz has developed in a number of ways since joining City Year – most noticeable is her new level of independence. I think City Year has helped to inspire a passion; to continue to motivate the youth of today.”

Parent, Anon, London

“Since joining City Year, my daughter has become more open and positive-minded. She used to keep to herself and not make any effort when it came to meeting new people but I can tell that she has made some great friendships with her team members that will last for many years to come.” Parent, Anon, London

Parent, Anon, London

“If I’m honest, I can’t believe she finished the year! That in itself shows how much she’s grown and I’m so proud that she’s followed through with her commitment.”