“It has made a difference having City Year in school because they help us with our learning and when we’re sad.” 

“In class they help us if we are struggling, keep us focused and they help to explain what the teacher is saying if we don’t understand so we don’t fall behind.” 

“The City Years help us by speaking to us, cheering us up if we are upset and they play games with us if we have no one to play with.”

“I think City Year is cool. They help me, they calm me down, they’re fun to play football or basketball with.”

“I love City Year, they always give us such fun clubs!”

“City Year are smart, they help you understand everything and they never give up – if you need help just ask them and they do their best.” 

“If there could be a City Year forever, I would be so happy.” 

“City Years are like my translators in class. They understand what I am trying to say and can explain it to the teachers so that I don’t get myself in trouble”.

“When I grow up I want to be part of City Year so I can help children and help them with their work. I like City Year.”