Callum Gough, City Year Birmingham


Whilst studying History at the University of Sheffield I had the opportunity to work with a group of Year 9 pupils from a local school who had the potential to go to university but were unlikely to because they were from a disadvantaged background. This fed into an existing interest in social inequality and social mobility. Working with these pupils really enlightened me to the prevalence of social inequality within contemporary society and inspired within me a passion to change this.

This desire to inspire change was most intense regarding educational inequality, which I feel I can help tackle through teaching. However, coming straight out of university, I did not feel prepared to enter teaching with so little experience of working with young people. When I came across City Year, I realised that this would provide me with the perfect opportunity to gain experience working with young people, whilst also producing tangible changes to the inequality still prevalent within education.

My time with City Year has overwhelmingly confirmed to me that I want to go into teaching. City Year has provided me with the opportunity to support pupils from diverse backgrounds with a variety of complex external pressures. Each day I am able to assist these young people with overcoming their challenges. Alongside this, City Year provides me with training so that I can have the greatest impact possible in schools, while also providing me with invaluable skills for my future ambition to teach.

City Year makes real changes within the schools that they partner with, and as a result you feel valued by both the pupils and staff within these schools. This alone makes the commitment to a year of service an incomparable experience.