Danika Arthur, City Year London

Danika“After graduating from Coventry University with a Sociology and Criminology degree I decided to join City Year, my main focus being the chance to give back to the community and help others. I also felt it would be a good opportunity for my own personal development.

“Throughout this year, I want to help those who are growing up in difficult and challenging environments. I was lucky to have the support of friends and family who taught me the value of education and the importance of aiming higher. Now I want to offer this encouragement to others and a service year is the perfect way to do so.

“My ultimate goal is to provide as much support to the students as I can whilst maintaining strong relationships with fellow team members. The opportunity to better myself and be a leading role model to others is massively rewarding and I hope this mentality follows through each year and the legacy of the corps member lives on.”