Zillah Fogarty-Wilde, City Year Greater Manchester

Zillah_pic“I grew up with my family in a council house in Hollingworth. It was cramped but happy. At the time I didn’t think my childhood was anything out of the ordinary but looking back it was different. My granddad, who had dementia, lived with us so I could never have friends over and I had caring responsibilities from a young age.  When he died, it left me with an empty feeling. I thought, ‘what now?’

“It was then that I came across City Year Greater Manchester; it looked so welcoming and having helped granddad for so long, the idea of serving others meant something to me. Initially though, I thought I couldn’t do it as I have dyslexia, but City Year said that didn’t stop me being a role model!

“My passion is drama and I can’t believe it when the children at school say they’ve never had a go. They’re already asking for a drama class. I’m particularly looking forward to helping those who have dyslexia, as I can really understand the challenges they’re facing, and I’m also looking forward to bringing in performing arts. I’m excited about my year ahead”.