Basic Training Academy (BTA)

Before corps members start working at a school they complete two intensive weeks of training. This is designed to equip them with the information and skills to prepare them for their volunteering role with pupils in a school and to introduce them to our distinctive culture which has been created to both support the corps member during their City Year and to inspire the children they serve to have high aspirations and standards for their own behaviour and learning. It’s also a great time to build relationships with fellow corps members and City Year UK 1505013. 15th May 2015.staff.

At BTA we cover topics such as child safeguarding, introduction to the school curriculum and advice about how to enforce behaviour management. We equip corps members with plenty of insights into what to expect and share tips, experiences and knowledge such as how to design successful after-school activities. We also invite outside experts to speak on subjects such as child psychology or different types of teaching methods.


Advanced Training Academy (ATA)

ATA runs directly after the Christmas break for two weeks. Our volunteers have experienced a full term and have no doubt enjoyed many successes as well as a number of challenges. ATA gives them the opportunity to review, reflect and make plans for the coming term. Using interactive workshops, our schools training experts work with teams to discuss existing strategies and reflect on areas of potential development to increase impact in the school setting.