State Street brings pupils together for transatlantic video call

Thanks to State Street, which supports City Year in the US and UK, we were able to bring pupils from London and Boston together in a virtual video conference last week.

A video link-up enabled seven pupils from Compass School and 11 pupils from the Higginson-Lewis School in Boston to talk face to face – to find out about each other’s lives and cities.

London pupils were interested to find out what food they eat in the US, who their favourite sports people are and what they like most about school. They also were keen to find out who out of the American pupils can do the best British accent! The Boston pupils wanted to learn what TV shows we like, the best thing about living in London and whether we only eat tea and crumpets. Pupils also bonded over a mutual appreciation for Spongebob Squarepants!

London pupils were also given an introduction to banking and a Q&A panel with State Street staff, where they could find out more about what it’s like to work at the organisation.

City Year volunteer mentor Atika Sundus said, “Taking part in the Cultural Exchange was a lot fun and a great learning experience for our students, who were introduced to the corporate environment. The highlight of the event was the Boston video call, which students really enjoyed taking part in.”

A pupil from Compass school commented, “The trip was amazing – I discovered many things about America and the tea was delicious!” 




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