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What to expect

Every volunteer experiences a City Year that is unique to them but whether you’re assigned to a primary or secondary school, here are some of the ways you could be tackling educational inequality.

If pupils...

Struggle to be on time, you’ll be there, at the gate. Arrive hungry, you might run a breakfast club. Aren’t keeping up, you’ll give them 1:1 support. Dread break time, you’ll be someone to talk to. Need confidence, you’ll invite them to fun clubs. Don’t see the point of school, you’ll be someone to inspire them.

Your "focus list"

As a City Year Mentor, you’ll be given a group of ‘focus list pupils’, specially selected by teachers to benefit from mentoring. They might need your extra support with their attendance, behaviour, academic attainment or well-being.

"It’s all worth it, even if you are having to get up in the dark on a cold, windy day or stand outside during lunch in heavy rain, it’s all worth it. The pupils who will become your focus list will appreciate that you are there for them and that in itself is a reward."

City Year Mentor City Year UK
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Your community

You’ll be volunteering for full school days, managing professional relationships and expectations with teammates, school staff, teachers, pupils and their families.

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Your pupils

The pupils you’ll help may face external issues that make it hard for them to come to school ready to learn. Obstacles might include food and housing insecurity or ill health.

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Your team

You’ll be part of a diverse team, led by a full-time City Year UK staff member. They’ll oversee your training, manage the school partnership and provide you with support and advice.

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