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The change our volunteers see

The small, daily differences our City Year Mentors see in the pupils they support add up - over a year, the change can be transformational. As one of our alumni puts it: "You don't believe what an impact you've had - then you see the results at the end." Here are just a few stories of that impact.

Zion's story

“I’ve been through a lot with my pupils: behaviour management, identity issues, confidence losses, doubt and tears. I’ve seen those who believed they had zero chance be transformed into confident pupils, able to see a future. Recently I watched as one shook the hand of the deputy head after being made an anti-bullying ambassador. It was then that I realised life isn't about money or clothes - it's about these minuscule moments that can change the course of someone's life for the better."

Khadija's story

“There’s one girl who had serious behaviour issues - in detention weekly. One lesson there were books flying and pencils thrown so of course she was sent out. It was quite clear that she was aware of her behaviour and by building a rapport with her I was able to make her understand that the behaviour she was choosing was not getting her anywhere. We set up a simple sticker chart and since we started, she hasn’t had her name on the sad side of her class behaviour chart yet. "

Christopher's story

“At first this boy was reluctant to accept help and ignored everything I said. The same thing happened again and again but I was determined to build a relationship. I used to be at this school so told him what it was like then. That got his attention and he began to let me help with a maths question. By the end of the lesson he understood and seemed really happy. He even said goodbye. I was in shock, but delighted. Now he greets me with a beaming smile and we're working well together."

Could you help us tackle educational inequality?

You can help us make more of these stories an everyday reality for thousands of pupils. Find out about the ways you could partner with us.

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