Leadership at City Year UK

There is a misconception about what a leader is. Being a good leader isn’t necessarily about being at the forefront of everything or being the next business CEO; there are many different styles of leadership.  In the context of City Year UK, leadership is the ability to see a problem and be the solution. It means having control over your own destiny, understanding who you are in the context of the world and how you can make a difference. It’s about being able to motivate others to be their best selves and take them with you on your journey of self-actualisation. Finally, it’s about how you approach challenges and reflect on your experiences. It’s about leading by example.

Our leadership development programme is designed to help you make maximum impact in schools and develop as socially conscious leaders for life. We believe in experiential learning – i.e. learning through the experience of being in a classroom – and this is underpinned by training, which is designed to enable you to confidently transition from education into employment, training or further education.

You’ll will continue to develop your leadership potential through learning sessions, workshops, networking events and running community challenges.

These are the broad areas that your leadership development programme will cover:

  1. School Service Excellence
  1. Inclusion and Well­being
  1. Career Progression
  1. Social Action
  1. Responsibility and Ownership