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City Year UK Red Talks


Last Friday, as part of their Leadership and Development Days, our mentors took part in their Red Talks. A play on Ted Talks, the popular online lecture format, our Red Talks encourage our mentors to deliver a 10-minute talk to their peers on a chosen topic they’re interested in.

Our Red Talks are part of the skill development opportunities within our Leadership and Development programme. They allow our mentors to practice and strengthen their public speaking skills while engaging in things they’re most passionate about!

Here are 3 of the captivating talks delivered by our mentors from each of our sites (London, Manchester, and the West Midlands), let’s find out what they were all about…



Priming and Sponsored Content: Unmasking Social Media’s Influence by Chloe (Greater Manchester)

Up in Manchester, City Year Mentor Chloe used her talk to delve into the psychology of how social media can influence and manipulate our perceptions.

In her talk, Chloe gave an eloquent overview of how perceptions can be shaped and formed through online content and algorithms. Chloe used the psychological concept of ‘priming’ to develop and communicate her ideas.

Social Media and Its Impact on Children Today by Shila (West Midlands)

Over in the West Midlands, our mentor Sobia also delivered a talk on the effects of social media, her focus however examined its effect on children in contemporary society.

Shila’s talk gave a comprehensive insight into how young people of today are being influenced and affected by constant exposure to online content. But it wasn’t all negative! Shila also provided a wonderfully balanced perspective, showing how social media can also be used for community and educational purposes with the younger generations.

The Art of Pictures and Aesthetics by Akanksha (London)

For the development day in London, City Year Mentor Akanksha decided to get creative with her talk, giving a colourful overview of the approaches to photography and the aesthetics that lie within everyday life.

In Akanksha’s presentation, not only did she take the time to demonstrate her creative instincts through her passion for photography, but also she gave creative inspiration and encouragement to her audience.

It’s safe to say we’re continuously amazed by the continuous passion and creativity shown by our mentors. It’s wonderful to see such a diverse range of different topics, delivered in such an insightful and enthusiastic manner. It’s also incredibly commendable the way in which they continuously grow and push themselves with their public speaking skills!

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