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UK Year of Service: School Service Leader

We are delighted to partner with UK Year of Service to offer meaningful employment to the younger generation who is now the most at risk economically. Read on about how you can complete your UK Year of Service with City Year and make a difference in the lives of pupils who need your support to realise their potential.

Why become a School Service Leader?

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The Role

As a School Service Leader you will spend your year helping children in schools in disadvantaged communities by acting as a positive role model and near peer mentor. You will provide additional capacity within City Year’s school-based teams supporting pupils to improve in their social, emotional and academic achievement.

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Meaningful relationships

You will be well-placed to create a positive learning environment and meaningful relationships with children who need help to do well at school. You have the chance to bring a new perspective to learning and boost pupils’ confidence, while improving behaviour and helping pupils to feel safe, empowered and happy.

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A year of change

You will also provide support to the volunteer mentors in school, offering mentoring and coaching advice and ensure that a high quality programme is delivered. You will support the Impact Officer with the day to day management of the team, and work with them to maintain a positive partnership with the school and school leaders.

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uk year of service logo blackwill harness the strength of the next generation to find, face and take on the toughest challenges, with paid employment to serve the UK’s local communities wherever the needs are greatest. Learn more about UK Year of Service here.

Serving where matters most

The pandemic has turned the world upside down, impacting different communities in different ways. They all need help. UK Year of Service offers a way to put young people's skills and beliefs to work, making a difference to communities across the country: it’s paid work that pays back.

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