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“Being a City Year Mentor also means having a voice that matters.”

Mushtaq proudly served as a City Year Mentor in London, 2022-23. 

“It has been a stimulating responsibility to serve as a City Year Mentor in London. It has taught me a lot and pushed me outside of bounds I never knew I had. Throughout my journey, I have consistently recognised my role and the significance of acting as a student success coach. Consistency is important, and many of my mentees depend on my presence at school, I’ve seen. It has shown me the value of being present for both developmental and interpersonal reasons.”

“Being a City Year Mentor also means having a voice that matters. By allowing students to understand teachers’ requirements and vice versa, you assist in closing the communication gap between them. Additionally, you serve as a mentor for your teammates by offering them advice and being honest with them.”

“The numerous opportunities I have been given have made my experience as a City Year Mentor so far enlightening. My Red Talk was one of the opportunities. It gave me the chance to talk about a subject I’m passionate about and encourage my fellow mentors to pursue writing. This gave me a new opportunity to continue giving speeches in front of groups, and that opportunity was the City Year Town Hall.”

“I was able to write a poem in honour of International Women’s Day. This forced me to have more self-confidence in myself and my abilities because it was in front of the entire City Year UK team. I find that speaking in front of an audience improves my capacity to express myself while also improving my ability to communicate effectively.”

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