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8 Top Tips for Self-Isolation During the Pandemic

Spring 2020 has seen social distancing become a very real thing. Our Volunteer Mentors have had to adapt and make many changes, including spending extended amounts of time out of their schools and working from home. Here, Latifah from our London Volunteer Mentor cohort shares some top tips for wellbeing during the pandemic, compiled by Team Spirit, Lighthouse, Imagination, Pride, Legacy, Diamonds, Giants and Legends.

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“As of Friday the 27th March, the London Cohort had a Google Hangout which consisted of our usual organisation updates regarding mentors and IO’s, we had guest speakers who kindly graced us with knowledge about interview skills. However, we also collectively created a list of top tips to create and maintain a healthy and balanced routine during this Covid-19 self- isolation period.”

Wake up early

Waking up early keeps us in a routine, with all that’s going on we don’t know when everything will go back to normal however if we have the habit of waking up early we’re mentally and physically preparing ourselves to be organised, prioritising tasks on our to do list for the day/ week.

Feel fresh and get dressed

This seems like common sense but it’s easy to fall into the habit of lounging around in our PJ’s everyday. Getting dressed subconsciously helps us to be ready, although we’re not leaving the house as often, feeling fresh and getting dressed has a positive impact on our daily performance.

Eat healthy

Food is fuel for our bodies, whatever we put inside our bodies either has a negative or positive effect on our health. During this period don’t forget the importance of breakfast lunch and dinner, ensuring you’re having a healthy balanced diet will equip you in performing to the best of your ability.

Take it day by day

As mentioned above it’s Stress Awareness Month, use this as a reminder to take each day as it comes. Don’t worry about tomorrow, live and do as much as you can in this present moment. Worrying, stressing and overthinking during this period may do more harm than good.

Take regular breaks

We’ve been given tasks to accomplish but that doesn’t mean you’re meant to work yourself into overdrive. Making a conscious effort to take regular breaks between tasks, staying at home everyday doing work can feel tiring and be repetitive so take breaks to have a breather and promote balance.

Stay fit

Fitness is great because it benefits both our mind, body and soul. Throughout self-isolation why not get creative indoors and try to use the resources around you to be and stay fit. Home workouts require more motivation than going to the gym, but if you make it a part of your daily routine as of now you’ll get into a healthy habit of promoting balance in your daily routine.

Organise your life

Being organised always seems harder when there’s been a change in our daily routine. To help stay organised why not set yourself reminders, put tasks in your calendars (diary or phone), make notes and set alarms to stay on top of your priorities. The more you continue to practice being organised the better you feel and the more you get accomplished.

Create a diary of accomplishments

Self-isolation and social distancing means that you’ll be spending more time with yourself and less time with others. Now is the time to be your own best friend and really pat yourself on the back for all you’ve achieved. Create a diary of accomplishments to honour yourself and remind yourself that you’re doing a great job. Use the diary as a daily reminder of what you’re capable of when you apply yourself.

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