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Our impact in Greater Manchester

The difference our volunteers make goes far beyond the classroom. Some of that impact is measurable in numbers but some is best captured in stories - told by pupils, parents, teachers and our volunteers themselves.

Supporting pupils who need help most

Our teams bring joy to learning and inspire high aspirations across the whole school; however, they also concentrate on a ‘focus list’ of pupils, to reduce ‘early warning indicators’. They track these pupils against ‘ABCs’: low attendance, poor behaviour and failure to make curriculum progress.

It’s sometimes hard to quantify our impact - but some of those who were rude, disruptive or refused to engage became our most motivated, open-minded and reliable pupils. We’ve shown them that when you try hard you'll see a reward and that people’s expectations don't confine what you're capable of.

City Year Mentor Greater Manchester

Making a measurable difference

Despite the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 and school closures on pupils from our most disadvantaged communities, the available data collected in 2019-20 demonstrates the difference our volunteers made.

Reducing early warning indicators with focus list pupils

City Year volunteer mentor with arm around student carrying backpack with orange rectangular accent

70% improved or maintained their attendance

75% improved or maintained their punctuality

Two open palmed hands high-fiving each other with blue rectangle overlay

72% improved their behaviour

Open book with illustrations next to a calculator keypad with the equal sign emphasized

82% improved or maintained their progress in maths

84% improved or maintained their progress in reading

The City Year Mentors bring enthusiasm and energy which is infectious throughout the school. Their drive and commitment has led to new initiatives and their youthful outlook breathes new life into old routines. They forge meaningful relationships with our children. They are an asset to any school.

Maria Dunphy SENCO, Mossfield Primary School

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