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Integrated learning in practice

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Emma, a City Year Mentor in Greater Manchester, charts the extraordinary progress made by one of her focus list pupils

“At the start of the year, G struggled – particularly with seeing lessons through.  He would become easily frustrated with activities he didn’t ‘get’.  He didn’t have the confidence to work independently and when not given the attention he wanted would resort to crying, being careless with his work and belongings and shutting down on me. Six out of eight of his DESSA areas of social and emotional learning were categorised as in ‘need’ for support.

After working with G and encouraging more positive behaviour, especially when he approached tasks with an open mind and showed resilience when he didn’t understand, G has progressed massively. He has the confidence to tackle activities independently and even offers to help others. He has become more mindful of his presentation and has had fewer disruptive outbursts in the classroom. I am super happy to have witnessed his confidence grow!

This change has been reflected in his DESSA assessments where he has now been rated as ‘typical’ in 7 out of 8 areas and has progressed from ‘need’ to ‘strength’ in relationship skills.

His improved behaviour in class also shows in his number of good behaviour points, which have increased by 124% between the start of the autumn term and the beginning of the summer term! His growth in confidence and independence has influenced his attendance, increasing from 86% in the first half-term (considered to be persistent absence) to 98% in the fifth half-term (within the expected attendance range).

This shift in attitude and behaviour, alongside City Year tutoring in maths, spelling and grammar, has had an impact on his curriculum attainment. He increased his standardised score by +3 points in reading from the end of the autumn term to the summer term and in maths by +10 points.”

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